*Around What Age Do Women's Metabolism Start To Slow Down*?

what's the average age that this starts to happen within women? does it depend on diet, amount of exercise, whether they have children or not?

Answers:    It depends on the soul. I am 30 and still have a extraordinarily fast metabolism. I get through about 2500 calories a afternoon and don't gain weight even though I don't exercise.
My mom started getting hold of weight within her 40's and eventually became obese, and her bulk gain was related to menopause.

I guess your state of mind and lifestyle can make a difference. Even though I don't exercise, I do stay busy. I park farther away at stores and I avoid elevators, I on the odd occasion sit around and watch TV, etc. The biggest reason I stay high isn't that I exercise, but because I avoid being stagnant. I've read that keeping busy keeps your metabolism up.
Depends, entity to person.

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