'Moon cup', 'Diva cup' or 'The Keeper'?

Are they any good?
Which is best?
(for a youngster (who hasn't had children!))

Answers:    Well, the MoonCup and the DivaCup are exactly alike, both made of soft medical class silicone - just beside different manufacturer name - whereas The Keeper is made of natural gum rubber.

Personally, I wouldn't want The Keeper because it's not as flexibe as the silicone made ones..so any the MoonCup or DivaCup would be good for you to use.

Both are matching price $35.00 + around $2 -3.00 for shipping and handling costs.

If you order the MoonCup - size B (before childbirth)
If you charge the DivaCup - model 1 (before childbirth and under 30)

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