30 weeks preg?

I have a doctors appt. tomorrow and I am 30 weeks pregnant , I start seeing my doctor every 2 weeks . Im wondering what type of assessment and things my doctor will do the last 10 weeks , my final doctors appt I had a glucose experiment done which came out great and everything else come out great , Im just curious to what I enjoy to look foward to in the subsequent 10 weeks ??

Answers:    You will have your belly measured to take home sure the baby is growing amply. They will check your urine to make sure you are not spilling protein. They will check your VS, especially the blood pressure, your immensity and the baby's heart. Your Doctor may do another ultrasound. He/She will feel your belly to determine if your toddler is head down. They will probably stir up you to sign up for a childbirth class or have info almost one. If this is your first baby I strongly suggest you hold a childbirth class with your significant other. There is nil like KNOWLEDGE and knowing what to expect when you are have a baby.
Your best bet is to travel to the Library and get a book on the subject. They really travel into detail and tell you resembling it is. It will also tell you how to munch through healthy so the kid will be healthy.

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