??More answers consequently 1 plz. I own asked this 3 times presently sorry but stipulation push for!!?

OK so I am getting off of Yaz the Birth control, we are wanting to conceive again soon. I stoped taking my pills at the pause of my pill pack on Dec 26th. Although my last spell was November 28th! I am trying to dally for my period to come so I can start charting when I ovulate. So here is the Q- Today when I go to the bathroom and wiped in attendance was wispy pink fluid (not thick) it's been similar to this all time, should I count this as the first day of my length or not?? Or am I even going to get a length or is this it? It's not heavy satisfactory to put on a panty liner and only here when I wipe. Please help and no rude answers OK Thanx adjectives, much
ps I'm don't normally enjoy real pallid periods any.

Answers:    I wouldn't count it until you start getting something significant. Just something that looks normal. You'll probably be a bit irregular for a month or two if you are coming off your birth control.
Good luck next to your baby!
I thikn so but it really doesnt concern.really

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