2nd time assist!?

Ok... I got my first time on December 9th, 2007. And it was adjectives brown and only last 2 days. So. its January 10th and I still haven't got my 2nd time yet! What's wrong next to me!? And... I've had clear stretchy discharge for approaching a week now, and it stopped today. Today its in recent times clear (it doesn't stink or anything!) So... Yeah. thanks contained by advance for any direction. I really need it.

Answers:    When you first return with your period, it can be incredibly irregular for up to two years! It can be months or days untill you get your second one, so don't verbs about it. Also, it can be extreamly filling, extreamly light, brown, pink, or red. Remember, every girl is different. Just try carrying tampons or pad around with you simply in satchel.
What you got contained by December was not a term.

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