...comfort! girls merely,?

am not being similar to all vain but i am skinny, commonplace weight.
For some origin i have red stretch grades on my bottom, both cheeks, why do i have them? is it segment of growing taller or something? i have a moment or two bit on both hips aswell and i want to wear normal bikinis when going to the sand!, helpp!. I am about 5ft 6 and a partially. And i am 14 turning 15.
I was a moment ago wondering if anyone could give me some tips on how to brand name the stretch marks stir away. I am not sexually active as i am merely 14.
Any answers would be great.

Answers:    Stretch marks can appear when:

When both girls, or boys, are have sudden growth spurts, like during puberty!

Where can stretch results appear?

On girls stretch marks can show up on breasts, thighs, (especially the top part), hips, belly and bottom.

So it is not abnormal ... and the apposite news is unlike near adult skin, yours is still particularly supple and that will help sort the marks smaller number noticeable as you achieve older ... so don't stress!!

There are tons creams available ... shea butter is really good at keeping the skin soft and that will aid them be less definite . also, drink lots of water everyday . when you conjecture you are about to float away, drink some more ... it will minister to with adjectives issues related to skin!

Check out this website for more info!!
Yes, these stretch marks could hold something to do with you growing taller and developing but I would recommend letting your mom know what's going on so that she can relief you keep an eye on the situation. As for creams, I read once that Vitamin C cream can serve with stretch results but I would recommend checking with your doctor as okay to see what they say.

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