2 times contained by a month. extent. aid?

i just get again. some girl just said examine for my period end in i might be pregnate. coul tt be possibly true??

Answers:    Periods that are too frequent (more often than every 28 days also call "metrorrhagia") can be related to several predisposing factors:

* If the period are otherwise normal, afterwards a short "luteal phase" or insufficient ovarian production of progesterone may be responsible.

* If the periods are inconsistent, afterwards failure to ovulate and the resulting anovulatory bleeding may be responsible.

* If the period are actually average and once a month, but there are episodes of bleeding contained by between the periods, consequently mechanical factor such as fibroids or polyps may be responsible.

* Women with hyperthyroidism are classically described as experiencing frequent, stocky periods. They, surrounded by reality, uncommonly show that pattern, but we usually blind these patients for thyroid disease anyway.

I've experienced frequent periods too surrounded by the past that be caused by ovarian cysts.

There could be other cause for the frequent periods you are experiencing and I would recommend you see your doctor/gyno for further evaluation to see what they dream up could be causing this.

Good luck :)
see a GYN

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