2nd spell! give support to!?

Hi thanks for first performance this!
Ok right now I am on my 2nd spell (ever) and I really hate the blood. It make me wanna like throw up. It's really disgusting to me... resembling I am using a pad and its resembling I am sitting in blood! gross! so I be thinking about using tampons... but I am soo alarmed about it. Like what if my time stops tommorow while I have the tampon within... so its still dry... how do I get it out? Should I start wearing tampons? or not?

Answers:    I would definetly start wearing tampons. If you are worried almost it being dry, afterwards either use a slender/light tampon, or dawdle till your next length to try tampons when it is heavier, like the first morning of your period.

They are great! You don't perceive wet at adjectives, and you just are within a better mood, because you can move around better ;)

I would definetly try them.
Wearing tampons is a personal choice. You can still pull out tampons if they are dry, no worries at hand. Try them out and see if they are comfortable first, if you like them, step for it, if not, don't.

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