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how long is your period supposed to second? and after you get it once, is nearby like a routine after that? assistance me out here!! and how many times per month ... oooo please oblige!!

Answers:    Average it should last is four days but anywhere from two to seven is mundane. It probably won't be regular until you've been getting it for something like a year, but typically you get one a month (or really, every 28 days). If you own a calendar, mark somewhat star on the day you procure it each month and count 28 days to see approximately when it will come the subsequent month. It's good to keep hold of track so that you know if you're having regular period and you'll realize if you miss one (which, if you're sexually active, could have it in mind that you're pregnant). Do a search on Google for more information on getting your extent, it's something you should be informed about and prepared for previously it happens. And when it does... Congratulations! You're properly a woman.

Also, you seem to hold a lot of question about it. Don't suspend to email me if you're concerned about anything! I'll do what I can to back.
maybe 6 months I'm not really sure but progress ask your doctor about it

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