3 days unpaid on my time, but took two test and they be negitive!?

I usually start exactly four weeks after my last time of year, but this month I'm 3 days late, I own taken 2 pregnancy tests and they both come out negitive. For the past three days, I hold had some cramps, of and on, and my nipples hurt, which is unusual for me. I'm curious if I should dawdle a while and take another one, or if I should merely go beside the two negitives and just linger for my period? I'm also wondering if it could be the stress contained by my life lately, that's made my interval suddenly become irregular. If you can answer this the best way you could it would be amazing, I really involve some good answers! Thanks.

Answers:    Stress is a huge mete out of late period. The sore nipples and cramping probably indicate your period is on its approach sometime soon. I really wouldn't worry nearly being pregnant at this point since you've taken two test and both were gloomy.

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