33 weeks pregnant, and I'm really depressed?

I just want to be done man pregnant, I want my body back and my hormones to return to usual. Before I got pregnant I be diagnosed with depression and it purely seems worse immediately, I've felt suicidal the entire time but I kept thinking no I don't want to hurt the toddler, but I'm to the point where I almost don't fastidiousness anymore. Can anyone help me please?

Answers:    I know what you connote. I'm bi-polar and I have have a horrible pregnancy so far. I want to have the tot so bad. I want to quality good something like my body again...I mean I despised it before, but immediately I didnt realize how good I have it. My body was dynamite formerly I got pregnant...it sucks I know. I guess you freshly have to ride it out. Plus I doubt your integral life get put on hold like mine did. My boyfriend get put in a coma for 2 and a partially months and I couldnt start college like I required to for so long. So hey, It could be worse. You could be me sitting at home all morning everyday bored with nought to do and no life. cheer up..its almost time.
i know how you perceive you are getter bigger and feel insecure near your body all ambience of the body and hormones normal and CONGRATS! do something for you for a cash go to the spa and pin done and buy baby booties

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