10-11dpo assistance?

Ok so I know you guys get tired of answering the classic “Am I Pregnant”!! But I am more so looking for some support and or some warning. I have a 25 daytime cycle and I am on CD22 I suspect I ovulated on or around CD 12-13 so I am approximately 10-11DPO and it in actuality seems that I hold had cramps for roughly speaking a week or so I really do not have any symptoms besides the cramping sometimes it appear like it is on both sides. My breast have pain jump through them but they do not constantly hurt or are not sore. I have also have heartburn for the last two days w/low wager on pain and a moment or two gas(could be that I am just notice it b/c it’s a early preggo symptom)!!. Other than that nought I took a HPT today (not with my first urine and get a BFN I know it was too precipitate to test but I couldn’t hang about!! AF is due Monday I hope I have lost her for at lowest the next 9 months!!What do you come up with my chances are?? Thanks within advance to everyone and to everyone TTC tot dust to you!!

Answers:    Yes, you're pregnant.

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