2 period contained by 1 month?

So i was on my length for about 7 days next like 2 days after that i vitally had another periodit last for about 6 days.I'm not sexually busy either :] and proud of it.i'M 13.

Answers:    You should be enormously proud of not being sexually busy. Depending on how long you've been have a period, your doc may suggest freshly "waiting it out". Our doc said it can take 2 years for your cycle to become regular. If it's be that long or you have other symptoms, your doc may put you on the pill to regulate your cycle. And you shouldn't be ashamed or embarassed to be on it, doesn't tight you're having sex. It is a medication approaching any other that can be used for many different things. Either road, talk to your doctor.
i have a sibling who had her interval for
about 3 months within a row.
all they did for ehr be put her on birth
control to regulate her. and it worked.
you should ask your mom to take you.
That isn't 2 period, that 1 long period that freshly had a period. If this same situation happens again, I would suggest conversation to the gyno about it. your body is a moment ago producing more eggs and you need to gain it out. Our body is a factory. It turns on when ever it gets stock.

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