**WOMEN? interrogate?

like i be watching this video and this guy was playing next to himself and my vagina felt unnatural, and then my urge to pee get greater. was that it?
but afterwards, when i saw a guy and a girl doing it and a girl giving oral to a guy, i didnt feel alike way anymore. be it because the girl was within?

and was i getting turned stale because the girl and guy were doing it? in recent times like i didn't similar to itas much anymore and wasn't feeling indistinguishable feeling when the guys be playing with themselves, but in attendance was still somewhat something there.

is it run of the mill that when girls talk going on for their periods or i focus about period i get that idea sometimes too?

Answers:    you got excited. thats purely what personally make you sexually excited.

not sure bout the period entity, but it is normal to have a word about
a short time ago try to finger ur p*****

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