*--* i`ve have 3 period -more inside-?

right now my breasts look round until you put on a bra or turn to the side. i don't completely crowd the bra, so i guess i'm considered cone shaped right now. i'm a 36 B. i'm turing 14 within 2 months. i'm starting to get a curve. i'm around 5'5 and 105 pounds. how long until i enjoy another growth spurt, and what do you estimate my future breast size to be? it doesn't own to be a 'look at your mom' sorta thing, because she said that i'm already a lottt more developed than she be at my age. so when's more going to take place?

Answers:    ably the stretch marks of late mean that your body be growing too fast for your skin to stop up to it. you cant really predict that sort of thing, you merely have to keep on and see.

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