1 Year after Depo?

I have a really unpromising reaction to birth control, pills (multiple brands) own made me bleed constantly, Condoms make me itchy, so I fixed I would try Depo because of all the upright reviews.

I took Depo 1 year ago on January 2nd, 2007 and didnt like it from the origin. I bled constantly for 3 months, and I refused to take another shot. After three months my body stopped bleeding constantly, instead I got what seem like a spell without the cramping. I bleed every three to five days for nearly 4 to 6 days straight. I used to get fruitless cramping but that stopped happening.

In december though I stopped bleeding right back christmas, and I didnt bleed again until January 15th. I thought I was pregnant so I took a try-out and it was unenthusiastic. Instead, on the 15th, I was cramping and tired similar to my periods made me up to that time I went on depo. And, the term went away 4 days then.

Im wondering if my body has finally realize its not being influenced by the horomones any more and if anyone

Answers:    Depo is strong..it take a while without other birth control to bring back back to typical...and Depo is known for break-through bleeding etc.You've given it ample time go see your Doctor..be sure to catch you annual PAP; very critical. And, before thinking in the region of the new so call IUC do reasearch..it's not new, and be taken off the bazaar for all the trouble it cause women..it was callled IUD
It took me something like a year and a half to seize regular once I quit taking Depo. It is scary how lots hormones we put in our bodies next to such lasting effects!

That is too bleak you have so masses problems with birth control. You could try a IUD or diaphram.

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