* does my length nouns regular?

so i had my first interval october 17. i spotted for a while after that. i had my second nov. 22, 36 days latter. it was almost equal as my first, and i didn't spot. i then have my 3rd 36 days later, dec. 27, but it be lighter than my previous ones. i think the origin was because my best friend have gotten hers again after not havng it a long time and i wanted it soo badd to the point of crying

anyway, do i nouns like i'm getting regular?

Answers:    it depends on respectively person. A outline appears about 2 years after your first length. Before that, it could be pretty irregular.

For me, it was every 29 days for the first 5 months. After that, it skipped a month and in a minute its all over the place, even after 3 years.

So I suggest you to administer it a few more months. Many things can afect your period - weightiness gain / loss, stress
Yeah, it sounds regular.. like it's also ordinary to be irregular after you first start- so if it is irregular a few times don't worry something like it.. it will get subsidise on track.

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