14 year old-Birth contril pills?

Ello! I'm 14 years old, and I receive REALLY bad period. I even have to skip university sometimes. I also get extream cramps.My mom said she would provide me birth control pills to help, bu after we started discussing side effects. What side effects are there? And what should I know something like them first?

Answers:    Side-effects vary depending on which method of bc your doctor chooses for you. The best human being for you to discuss this with is your doctor, but I can report to you that if your periods are as discouraging as it sounds...I am guessing that the benefits will far outweigh the risks!!
Please see an GYN if you have not already.

I have the same symptoms when I be your age. My mom did not want me to go to an GYN because they would enjoy to break the hymen to do an exam.

Well, the symptoms got worse and worse until finally. I go to the DR. By that time one of my ovaries was the size of a grapefruit and have to be removed.

So, please have yourself checked to rule out other problems that could be associated near cramps.
The most serious potential complication in taking birth control is a slightly increased risk of heart disease, big blood pressure and blood clots.

Bleeding or spotting between menstrual cycles.
Tender breasts.
Decreased libido (sex drive) - not that you need that even so.
Gaining weight or retaining sea.
Darkened spots on the skin.

The above listed are the most adjectives side-effects of birth control, but there's nothing you should be worried going on for. If it helps you to relieve fruitless periods afterwards you should consider taking birth control to help that.
I never notice any side effects besides my boobs getting a little bigger. Some can manufacture you more moody- you just hold to be in tune next to your body and know what's best for you. There are some that make your PMS symptoms smaller quantity severe, for me that is what have been best because I be getting really bad mood swings and spinal column problems.
I would definitely recommend going on it, it have helped me and it make your periods plentifully more regular and consitent.

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