11 weeks and still worrying?

I am now 11 weeks pregnant my belly seem 2 big bigger looks like i am bloated i get the impression hungry alot and i am also tired my breast are still sore and have increased surrounded by size i also have pains accasionally within my sides but nothing core but i am still worrying about going for my scan and nil being in that it is in 6days and i cant stop worrying

Answers:    Hi it's single natural to verbs especially if this is your 1st! think you may be imagine all these ache and pains abit you're only within early stages the proper ache and pains will come later when you re 25weeks+ that's when the kid is growing fast and have less room to move around. contained by this early stage you may still be experiencing sickness tender breasts and tiredness, but adjectives that is commonplace, just try and relax and rest as much as possible because stress will affect the babe-in-arms too. good luck I'm sure everything will be fine x
thts similar to waiting for my college results.. lol

just relax save ur self busy..

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