24 yr hoary feminine and no sex drive?

I'm a 24 year old feminine with no or terrifically little sex drive. I never think around it, and when initiated, I don't really want it. I can't really remember ever having one. I own an amazing boyfriend, but I have to force myself to do sexual things near him (because I'm just not into it, and I own a very outstandingly hard time have an orgasm.) I asked a doctor about it, and she said don't verbs because no one have an ideal sex existence. But I'm 24! This is awful. Is there any type of medication I could run on for this? Have any of you tried anything that helped you out? I'm desperate! Please please give a hand me with my problem!

Answers:    Go to an gynocologist to be precise also an endocrinologist. He/she can do a complete physical workup to make sure you don't enjoy some underlying condition and can also check your hormones. Low hormones can decrease your sex drive and you can clutch pills to make you have a feeling sexier. Also, if you are depressed, this will decrease your drive. Good luck and hang on to looking for why you just don't quality the need for sex.
no two individuals are alike so your doctor is right.

this isn't anything to be startled over. nothing is wrong near you, you just don't hold a sex drive plain and simple.

being desperate almost the problem will worsen the problem. you just obligation to relax.
Are you on a lowfat diet? If you are not eating ample fat (about 50-60g a day) this could be the problem. Fat help keep hormones regular and functioning.

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