3 days deferred?

I started birth control last month and begin my period the incredibly first day of placebo pills. This month however is my second month of birth control. And I hold STILL not begun my term. I am terrified because I am NEVER behind time, 21 and have never be this late surrounded by my life.

My interview for the girls in here who enjoy used birth control, does it sound close to I am pregnant or does it sound resembling the birth control is responsible for delaying my extent?

Also- how long should I wait up to that time I become concerned (even though I already am)? I am really terrified right in a minute.

Answers:    Don't worry. Your fine. You own to remember that birth control pills are hormones that are being taken into your body. This is going to through your system out of whack for awhile. This can arise for a couple months and you can have a everyday cycle one month and the next month you can be behind schedule, early, or spotty. They also can be shorter or longer surrounded by length. You just enjoy to give your body time to adjust.

If you become really, really concerned jump see your doctor again and they can help rule out any complications you might enjoy. Taking a home pregnancy test would singular give you a false positive while your still taking the pill. But I really don't have an idea that that there is anything wrong beside you. You just enjoy to give it time to adjust to you.
Try to relax. When you start birth control, it can manufacture your period adjectives out of whack. It can take a few months for your body to adjust to the extra hormones. You are surrounded by effect overriding your hormones natural behavior. Being worried nearly your period anyone late can affect it too.

You other have the prospect of taking a pregnancy test. If you are stressed over this that much, that might be a obedient option, to set your mind at confidence.

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