(GIRLS ONLY) query around PERIODS?

Ok, i know this is a touchy subject and its embarrasing but please help me until that time I go o my mom.

Anyone who have already had their term is needed PLEASE?!

well, I am 13and I basically got my first spell yesterday, but Im confused because at school nurses other say you solitary get a few drops your first one, but I go through like 4 pad!! Is that normal??

and will i save "bleeding" forr 3-5 days every month?

OhEmGee Im confused

Answers:    Everyone's periods are different, so it's definitely fine that you had a solid period for your first time. Don't verbs!

Most women's periods are irregular for the first year or so, so you may not procure a period every month. After it evens out (if it does; some culture continue to hold irregular periods), you'll get it something like the same time for 3-5 days respectively month.
Yes, it's normal.

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