Should I be worried...or what??

First off, I will articulate that..I self-diagnose and
I believe that I may have Hypochondria.
Ok..very well...yesterday, I became constipated
because I accidently 'held' myself. So, today
I am still back up. I have go to the bathroom
but it's not like..adjectives the way. I've be in like mad of
pain, but I've deal with individual 'backed up' until that time,
especially when I was younger [I'm 15]. My stomach
does not hurt at's more in my .butt. lol. So,
ahead of time, I put vaseline there, and I have to do a number
one, so I did, and it had what looked close to oil surrounded by it. I guess
it was from the vasaline? So, today, I own been hunch
really groggy, weak, and A LITTLE sleepy. My question
are...was the 'fatty stuff' possibly the vaseline? Is it normal
for my legs to hurt while constipated? Is it usual for me to
feel groggy? What can I do to jump to the bathroom fully? and...
can stress cause constipation?


Also. It's almost 'my time of the month'.

Answers:    okay bc ur something like 2 start ur period i'd speak that's why you're feeling groggy and sleepy. Thats majority. the oily stuff have 2 be the vasaline so stop freaking out, u didn't have any grease again did u? even so it was prolly the departed over vasaline. prune juice help with constipation and milk products increase ur constipation so restriction them or avoid them....u worry more or less the weirdest stuff

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