27 years ancient n my period own last 16-18 days for the second 6 months?

could it be a sign of something bad?

Answers:    Herbal remedies made from the stinging nettle plant own been extensively used as a remedy for stemming bleeding during heavily built menstrual periods for centuries, and as luck would have it also in inducing bleeding during delayed or gone astray periods within women.

Go to the health food store and catch yourself some organic loose fern variety of the herb stinging nettle. Use it as a brew for a herbal tea drink. Simply place 2 - 3 teaspoons per pot and steep with hot dampen and let it brew for 15 - 20 minutes. As the zest is quite bland I don`t know perk it up with an life peppermint tea bag or some honey. It will probably cost you around $7.00AUD for around 200gm, but since it is so potent one organic, you should also be capable of reuse spent tea leaves 2 - 3 times as the essential oils are markedly rich.

Commercial brand tea bags can never possibly supply you beside the therapeutic benefits of the life loose leaf group of that herb.

Good health to you


If the bleeding continues unabated you should most particularly go see your Doctor.


yes. see a doctor until that time anything else worsens!

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