*Scared* Didnt grasp my interval.?

Ok so I last get my period the 29th of november. Now its January 7th and i still havent gotten it. I havent have sex so theres no possible way i can be pregnent. im 13 btw. Gopt my length when i was 10 so its on a biddable scedule and everything. this is the first time its happened. what should i do or whats wrong

Answers:    Even though you've have it for so long, starting it as early as you did doesn't necessarily niggardly you'll be regular at least for another year or two.
Also, if you've be under stress or be ill that could be the create.
If you're not having any misery or other problems I'd give it for a time time (only if you're sure you're not pregnant). If you haven't gotten it in the subsequent two weeks I'd talk to your mom in the region of making a doctors appointment for you. There could be something more going on. Best of luck!
Your probally just unsettled i wouldnt worry.

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