34 week pregnancy pains??

Im 34 weeks pregnant and I have some stern pain which have been goin on for a while and the doc said it be normal but very soon my side hurts real fruitless. like a sharp torment along with my rear. not in the front but in actual fact on my left side close to where my arm touches if I be to hang them straight down. what is this affliction is it normal??

Answers:    If contained by doubt, go to the emergency room. If its zilch, they will send you home. At smallest this way you will not verbs and add stress to you and the infant. It could be Braxton hicks (pre labor contractions that are really nothing to verbs about) or you could be going into labor. I went within for a severe headake and they told me I was within labor and had the babe-in-arms...so you just never know... Good luck to you and the newborn. Congradulations
doesn't sound regular. Make a call to your OB doctor (whoever is on call) and explain the symptoms. If the doctor doesn't bid you back, call for your local hospital ER and ask the triage nurse for advice. It's better if it's the hospital where on earth you are planning on giving birth.

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