(girls individual please)! Question!?

I'm 13 and I got my length today in conservatory (it didn't make a huge stain on my jeans or anything)! I am so obliged for that. But I came home and saw it and panic, then I stopped panic. So, I'm wondering how to tell my mom around it. And how do I avoid people seeing the wad in my underwear when we adapt for gym. Please answer both of these!

Answers:    Your mom is familiar next to the period and will be expecting you to gain it sometime soon. I'm suprised she hasn't talked to you already, but surrounded by any case, basically tell her. It'll be alright.

More than probable people might see the wad when you change for gym, but you are shifting in front of girls, who should largely be familiar as powerfully and won't think anything of it. You can keep hold of your back to the lockers and not bend over right contained by front of them if you're self-conscious, but they make pad that aren't that big.
for the gym thing, use the bathroom and product up an excuse, its not that big of a deal anyway, everyone get it. ive been through that, or take used to wearing tampons. oh and congrats!

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