1st extent stories?

I just wanna hear some. (:

Answers:    Be prepared to gurgle. It's quite funny. I get my first period at 11. Ii be home alone and watching TV. I went to the bathroom and my underwear be full of blood. Now my mother hasen't told me about mentruation however so i freaked. I grabbed some gauze and call 911. The woman on the other end be so nice you can tell she be trying not to laugh. She asked where on earth my parents were I said they be on thier way home. She sent and ambulance beside a package of pad. My parents arrived about duplicate time. Everyone was laughing, I be crying. I laugh very soon though.
Me well i stared my length when i was 9.

My mum told me nought about period or woman's body or nothing close to that.

What happened i be 9 years old. One hours of darkness i went upstairs to turn toilet and i saw blood in my knickers. I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA DIE. I run downstairs embarrassed and panic and crying at the same time. I took a tissue near my blood on it and said " MUM, MUM I AM DIEING". Then she looked at me and smiled "No you are not dieing". Then she explained what was going on. Me and my mum have never felt closer.

I be really scared
During the summer my friend and I have a sleepover and we planned to go to the waterpark the subsequent day and right past we went to bed my friend would not shut up give or take a few tommorow so I am like... let not go... and she kept asking why and I be like "BECAUSE I GOT MY FREAKING PERIOD!!"

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