11yrs feeble - no interval / own cramps / white discharge and sick beside cramps?

hello i'm 11yrs old and enjoy not started my period nonetheless, i have have white discharge in my panties for a while in a minute and about a month past that i had cramps for roughly speaking two days and felt sick near it.

does this mean my length is about to start and have anyone else had this problem

When did your period start and at what age...

thanks from sophie

Answers:    I get my period when I be 11. It sounds like you're around to get yours, although I have the discharge for quite a while. Look out for some spotting within your underwear or panty liner if you're using one. And have a word beside your mum. Tell her you think you may be nearly to start your period, and could she buy you some pad to carry around contained by your bag contained by case you come on when you are at conservatory or out the house. Good luck sweetie! :)
I was 12 years mature when I first started my period, and I would read out yes your getting ready, dutiful luck here comes the best part of man a women!

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