A friend have a moderate 'crush' on her doctor, why is this wrong?

Friend is female, doc is manly. Doc is MD not PhD and is not the type to see patients with thier clothes sour. What is the harm? Should she renovate doctors, if so, why?

i agree with cblrdy and molebeing, doctors are a great source of attention to detail and comfort. when you are sick than cured that is a comfortable awareness, a thankful thought, and a feeling of releif, i wouldnt exactly call upon the feeling a crush, more resembling admiration; because of the research that went into making diagnoses simple or complex. simply make sure she isnt confusing compassion near passion.
It's wrong because it's so adjectives, so indecisive. Is your friend in or not? Cut this "moderate" stuff.
theres nought wrong with that purely let it run
it is illegal to enjoy client doctor relation ships, but if its a crush and nothing more, not a soul should be changing doctors.
There's nought wrong with that. My wife have a major crush on her obstetrician. I like the guy a lot after he deliver my son with such skill near the umbilical cord choking him.

Anyway, as long as its not having a discouraging effect on her care it shouldn't be a problem at adjectives, it's very adjectives with doctors and they should know how to concordat with it.
if your friend have a feeling she's no longer comfortable dealing with her doctor, i guess, its time to correct it. and if she thinks that her doctor asks her to do things to be precise out of his field/duty, then why stick to him?

if she get a crush on him, i hope she's not a minor not to know what's right from wrong.
This is very adjectives. And doctors are trusted with the responsibility to not exploit on this sort of thing. If they do, it's against the tenet and a violation of their power. If he desires to date your friend, he can ask her out after office hours.and she should if truth be told change doctors. You didn't vote what kind of doctor he is? ANY KIND of doctor who see patients and who has scruples know he should not be "doing anything" during visits to his organization.

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