1) The need of Science surrounded by Nursing?

2) The Importance of Technology in Nursing?
3) Why relationship b/w Science and Technology is mutually beneficial interaction?

It take you to the scientific method of nursing, which means you know what exactly you are doing, and tell you how to go just about nursing so that the patient get relief and get well.Science give a concept and technology gives you thought of application of scientific culture to the benefit of mankind.
1) Science is most simply a process of observation, hypothesis (question), close watch, modified hypothesis, observation - answer; a method for asking question and finding answers. All medicine is a product of science.

2) Every instrument, device, and drug used surrounded by nursing has arisen through technology. We don't chew willow yap anymore for headaches, we run an aspirin.

3) They are symbiotic. One cannot exist without the other.

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