5 possible explanation of vectors of diseases..?

This sounds like a confused query.

From the first reference,

"A vector-borne disease is one within which the pathogenic microorganism is transmitted from an infected individual to another individual by an arthropod or other agent, sometimes with other animals serving as intermediary hosts. The nouns depends upon the attributes and requirements of at least three different living organisms: the pathologic agent, any a virus, protozoa, bacteria, or helminth (worm); the vector, which are commonly arthropods such as ticks or mosquitoes; and the human host. In addendum, intermediary hosts such as domesticated and/or wild animals recurrently serve as a reservoir for the pathogen until susceptible human populations are exposed."

Examples are

tsetse flies
biting midges
Horse flies
deer flies
stable flies
horn flies
muscoid flies

The reference contain a huge number of other examples.

Sometimes humans get infected by an insect bite. Sometimes humans catch infected by eating foods made from animals.

That should return with you started on whatever you want to know.

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