A forgiving have calcium granule within parenchyma of both psychological hemispheres what will you telephone call this disease?

I work in a neurobiology lab and I remember a psychiatrist colleague of mine told me of a forgiving he say earlier who had a bleak case of tapeworm infection (I believe, it's possible it's another parasitic worm). The larva penetrate and encyst plentifully of tissue including the brain. Well, basically this forgiving had calcified bedbugs in his brain and be associated with him need the services of a psychiatrist.

Various other foreign objects getting embedded contained by the brain (and elsewhere in the body) will calcify if they remain contained by place long enough.
i own no idea what a parenchyma is.
Perivascular calicfications can transpire in the brain for a little different reasons, some race refer to them simply as "brain stones".
sorry ,find nothing concrete for your Q

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