How come everyone suddenly Lactose intolerant?

Come on's solely just be invented as a term and suddenly everyone have it.Is it part of a clean wave of chic diseases or disorders to have?

I don't know this any.can I still have 10 points?
No KIDDING! What is the buy and sell with that?
Don't know if its stylish, but I think loads of society have be living their lives as lactose intollerant. It seems that citizens are taking more of an interest in their diet and form and finding out what is making them sick.

As far as I am aw3are humans are the only creatures who drink milk after infancy. Maybe it have something to do with that?

Perhaps we don't inevitability milk so much?
no, it used to called "gas" "cramps" "upset stomach" and "diarrhea" after consuming milk and milk products, which is relieved by avoiding those products or taking lactase beside them.

I have a close relative who suffers and didn't know in the region of it until they were diagnosed. But since next it does seem to hold become more popular. There are some communities, Adventists, Jews that are more likely to enjoy it and it can develop at any time.
It can be serious. My fiance has be lactose intorlant his whole energy. Cheese and milk makes him completely sick.
No, lactose intolerance is a certified condition. The stomach is it's own ecosystem, with numerous germs and enzymes that perform a positive function. Lactose is broken down by Lactase, an enzyme. When the stomach does not have plenty of this enzyme, then it starts to nouns, being that it is at prime temp to spoil milk, coupled beside all the microbes in in that. Hence why people near this condition have extremely foul flatulence.
i trueness the human body was not desinged to be on milk for their entire life span. Look at every otehr mammal, beyond infantcy they do not drink a mothers milk, and just a few centuries ago population didn't drink milk byond infantcy. Our baby is basically doing want comes naturally to it.
My wife and I are both lactose intolerant. She developed it after have our second child, and I developed it a couple of years later. We don't know why I did, possibly because our diets are the same. Weird, but true.
Her's is much worse than mine. I can't enjoy straight milk, or ice cream, or stuff next to a lot of milk within it, but a little bit of cheese doesn't bother me. She can't hold ANYTHING with even a trace amount of lactose.
The just way that I can describe the sentiment that that is feel like what I've hear a heart-attack feels similar to. Stabbing pain within your chest at first, then the stomach-ache follows the food all the agency through until it is digested. VERY painful.
When I be younger there be no such thing as ADD. Now every other kid is on ritalin. Is this because not a soul had ADD stern then or because it be just call "hyper kid syndome"? I think the justification for the proliferation of any disease these days is that some drug company have come up with a treatment for it. To vend their drugs, they have to trade name people work out that the disease exists and that they have the drug to treat it.

On a purely practical smooth, lactose intolerance is not a new piece. It is as old as (or elder than) the human race itself. In caveman times, a child have milk until they could eat solid foods. And next, because we hadn't figured out however about the total raising cattle for milk and meat entity, they pretty much never had milk again. Why save the host of enzymes around that are required to digest milk if it wasn't part of the diet anymore? So contained by adults these proteins aren't produced nearly as much as in children, hence the lactose intolerance.
Milk protein molecules are larger and harder to digest than breast milk. Goats milk have been used surrounded by the past as a substitute for "Milk allergy" toddlers because the protein molecules are smaller thus more digestable. That's why our pets regularly suffer from lactose intolerance as well. I guess that funds people milk is tailored made for human babies and cow milk is tailored made for calves and horse milk for colts and..powerfully it's a no brainer. I'm not a scientist but..
Not everybody gets intolerant to lactose,but most of the relatives do.This is because of the gradual decrease of an enzyme within the stomach that can break down lactose.This happens as age increases.It happen either due to inherent deficiency of the enzyme right from childhood or is acquire as I said.
Its hereditary.
You may reflect your parents arent so you wont be..
For all you know they both or one of them may own the lactose intolerant gene but it hasnt been activate you may become lactose intolerant up to that time them.
Its verycommon in the world today
though it doesnt appear to you..
70% of the world is LACTOSE INTOLERANT.
Diseases are not invented, but identified.
Someone has put it together as a syndrome and labeled it. It be always in attendance.
Societies that depend on milk and mild products have also maintain the enzymes in the body to digest them. Other cultures might not be capable of digest these foods.
I don't know what "only only just been" invented means - what time frame?
I've certain about it for 3 decades already.

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