?What are the strength risks of nicotine gum and patch over the long permanent status?

All I know about this thing is that my aunt chewed nicotine gum for 10 years (bad idea) and she developed throat cancer.whether it was from the gum or smoking for ever I don't know, but it is fairly addicting. Another case is my grandma chewed the gum as very well, and after 2 years she had stomach problems and gum irritation. From these examples, I would guess that it's not a honest idea to use the stuff for too long. They both be successful at quitting smoking though.
I have successfully used nicotime gum to quit smoking. I am not a medical professional. The bearing I look at it is -- if there is minor adverse effects -- it can't be more toxic than smoking.
They can cause gum problems,gastric ulcers[acidity]if you are using the gum.Patches can wreak sleep disturbance as they release nicotine into your body as well as cause local reaction[irritation to the part where on earth you apply the patch].And both can cause dry mouth,angina[chest pain],tentativeness and arrhythmias.Both shouldn't be used for more than 3 months.Good luck to you if you are considering stopping smoking.

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