A md rx a med IV solution labeled 250mg/200cc. He rx 4mcg/kg/min for a 50 kg lenient. If the supervision?

set is 60 microgtt/mi, calculate the rate of flow?
Can someone back me with the formula of how to gain the answer.
I already know the answer, but I am unsure of how it was obtain!

First, let's simplify things. If the Dr ordered 4 mcg/kg/min how many mcg/min is that?

4 mcg/kg/min * 50 kg = 200 mcg/min

Next, how abundant mcg are there surrounded by each cc (or mL)?

250mg/200cc = 250000mcg/200cc = 1250mcg/cc

So, how several cc/min do we want to infuse to get the right mcg's of the drug?

If 1 cc = 1250 mcg, after to administer 200 mcg in one minute, we would infuse 200/1250 = 0.16 cc/min.

If 1 cc = 60 gtt, consequently 0.16 cc = 60*0.16 = 9.6 gtt/min.

So, your answer would be 9.6 gtt/min.

I hope I didn't miss something there. I'm usually really honourable at this, but my brain is tired tonight.
Step 1: find the the concentration factor first:

mcg/mL divided by Kg divided by 60 minutes

1 mg = 1000 mcg 250x1000=25000mcg per 200cc

25000 divided by 200 mL = 125 mcg per mL

125 divided by 50 divided by 60 minutes =0.04

concentration factor is 0.04

Step 2: formula for finding the infusion rate using the concentration factor with mcg/kg/min given:

mcg/kg/min divided by the concentration factor = infustion frate within mL per hour
4 divided by 0.04 equals the infusion rate in mL/h

infusion rate is 100 mL/h

Hope this help! Good luck!

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