A company within reach is asking for plasma donors. Injecting them beside red blood cell and later drawing plasma, why

It seems that they are looking for the rh factor to transmutation? How will this affect me for the future and what exactly are they looking for?

I agree beside the previous answer, they are most likely going to draw integral blood and the machine separates out the plasma. However if they claim they want the plasma to look for Rh change they are barking up the wrong tree. The red blood cell, not the plasma, express the Rh factors, commonly particular as A, B, AB, and O. The plasma contains other factors that may sustain patients during crisis situations, such as platelets, and Factor 7. I would not advise participating surrounded by any study that voluntarily injects you with blood products. Despite the risk of disease nouns, you could develop antibodies to the blood products that would make it difficult to find compatible blood products for you if you be ever to need them.
What most plasma companies are do is, they are starting two lines contained by a person. One within each arm, one to verbs of whole blood, which is run through a electrical device and pulls out the plasma and re injects YOUR blood into the other arm. this allows you to give more regularly. If there is a company injecting blood into nation to see if there Rh factor change this is life threatening and you could die. If you are Rh gloomy and the blood is RH positive the body thinks it is approaching a infection and trys to rid itself of the Rh positive blood and you could die from it. I would really look into this company.

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