A drug inhibitor of cyclic GMP phosphodiestera. surrounded by rod photoreceptors?

''The rod photoreptors in the eye are extremly sensitive to desk light. How would I expect the addition of a drug that is to say an inhibitor of Cyclic GMP photodiesterase and a drug that is a non-hydrolyzable analog of GTP to affect the light-sensing cleverness of the rod cells?

Hey I be going to reply and then you removed the sound out from biology !?! It was better to post it here.

if you have an inhibitor of cGMP phopshodiesterase afterwards you will have no cGMP hydrolysis and thus the cation specific channel will remain open. Thus it would be impossible to generate a effrontery signal (no hyperpolarization)

If you have a non hydrolyzable analogue of GTP next the cGMP phopshodiesterase will be always moving (Ta-GTP will not be inactivated by hydrolysis to Ta-GDP) but also you can't form any cGMP. So you will endup with the channel always closed and you will enjoy constant membrane hyperpolarizaion and signaling.

Edit: I've corrected the answer although it's better formulated in the "biology" slot.Sorry.

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