3 per annum injections for dogs?

Having browsed around the site, somebody (who I won't name, but whose answers are usually okay thought out and informative) has made the point around veterinary journals showing that 3-yearly injections for dogs enjoy been found to be undisruptive and effective.

Where would I look to find out more? Either an internet knit or whereabouts to look in the library would be exceptionally helpful.

I'll hold to check the conditions of my pet insurance but I think not have annual injections probably invalidates it, so I might have little choice anyway though. Besides, there's no track I'd even consider it if I thought it would compromise my dog's health.

Whilst of course not up to PhD level, I'm FAIRLY scientifically minded, and will know how to ask if there's anything too complicated, so don't worry too much around any journals human being written at too high a smooth.

Much appreciated.

The link below give several futher reading option

My own personal experience (in UK within case that make a difference!). I have 3 mature greyhounds. They came to me near immunisation cover. I did lots of reading and I am also in 2 forums which concord with greyhounds. The standard stream of thought is that yearly inoculation is unecessary. Mind you many boarding kennels require the vaccination to be up to date. I dont use kennels so my dogs have not be done for 6 years and I have have no problems. A friend lost an eldery (but in appropriate health) dog after vaccination and she swears it be the vaccination that cause it as even the vet said there be no other explantion.

I hope to have help you some. Good luck with your reseach.
you should! enjoy your dog vaccinated yearll do you want your pet to die! if it get parvo you would feel drastically very guilty
You spoke of never compromising your dog's form, so I cite this extract from a report in the UK.

One entity that they need to explain is the canine murder: in a population of 7 million domestic dogs, over a million per year are dying from cancer - or the treatment. This constitutes a dog cancer death-rate 50 times that of the human rate, due to the regime of vet-approved vaccines, antibiotics, worming drugs, flea sprays, pesticides, herbicides etc. - adjectives 'safety tested' on animals - tinned dog-meat etc. We are all - humans, dogs, cats - dying, similar to flies, from the synthetic deluge. The plant animals would exhibit the same syndrome if they be not killed, prematurely, for 'food'.

The full report can be read at
I hold heard of this, breeders do use it as they do not approaching to over - vaccinate their dogs. But as parvo self a particularly resistant virus, I am not sure it is a pious idea

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