A bit grewsome query, but did Mengele contribute to prescription?

Sorry if it offends anyone, I'm merely curious if his experiments resulted in anything benefitial or if the results be used later within other researches.

Well, that's just it. Any adjectives knowledge the Nazis acquire would be taken for anyone's use but no one would acknowledge the source. I realize that their (evil) pioneering studies of how long a man can survive in rime water be done by them. But then, in attendance are accounts of people contained by natural disasters at the deep which would also give you some information. Which facts would you rather use?
Please see the webpage for more details on Josef Mengele.
Although Mengele be a monster and his experiments horrific, some scientific fluency that is in a minute being used towards more beneficent applications did come of his "science". What Mengele did be and is inexcusable, but it does not make sense not to rob advantage of the expertise that was gain from his horrors as it now can benefit some of the living, and is human being used to that effect. To do otherwise would be to say that those who suffered and or died beneath his "care" did so in vain, and I instinctively can not dishonor their sacrifice, willing or not, by thinking otherwise.

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