30 yr prehistoric men? How commonly do you masterbate? What is considered everyday for that age?

Is every day too much? Is 3 times a week typical? Help me. I'm so confused.

Every day is the minimum adequate. Twice a day is better.
the average is one time a year per each year prehistoric you are, so that makes 30 times a time for you :) hope this helps
when ever you can
I feel that's completely normal. it's just too much if it's interfering with work or making your associate sore
Unless you're missing work or going out with other inhabitants to do it, then doesn`t matter what feels polite is normal.
is this a science experiment?
Letting out some tautness 3* a week is fine.some guys your age (and older) do it everyday.
a single time in 12 years is too much..
you should avoid it .. every time you're doing it a strong outline
is made in your subconcious mind.. the more you do it. the more you'll want it to do it.. ejaculation of semen is destruction .. preserving it is life. so you should do your exceptionally best preserve each and every drop of semen. when semen is not tolerate out it's reabsorbed in the system and help a lot to strenghten your intelect. read more here:
if you have to masturbete, you probabily enjoy problem finding a woman".
masturbation, if your single, go for it enjoy fun but make sure to hold on to it clean! If your surrounded by a relationship it can hurt your sex life.. men hold that on-off sex switch and if you turn it off and your partner requirements it on it can lead to some serious resentment issues. otherwise hold fun and remember to alternate hands. you can condition it to curve.

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