"Allergic" to wind, Is this really a Disorder?

Okay, I don't know if u can say that or not but everytime I jump out and if it's windy, I have it in mind even 7 to 10 mph winds cause me to have headache (if I don as if I am allergic to it. The headache other happens within the rearside of the head (where the small brain is).

So to relieve this headache, I hold to either pilfer a nap for one or two hours or own to take Aleve or Pain Reliever (that's what I lift every time I have headache everyday).

The headache usually happen in the evening. And I am living within the Central Illinois region.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Any suggestions on why this might take place? Just drop a thought at least, I can other check it out :)

Thank You and looking forward to answers

Instead of an allergy, it sounds like you really hold sinusitis, which is an inflammation in the sinus cavity in the boss. This condition is often made worse by a drop within barometric pressure, which is common during storms or period of intense winds. The best solution is usually over the counter decongestants. virtuous luck :)
umm. that sounds very chance.
i think its of late he wind that make you have a headache, i don't chew over your alergic, maybe the weather affects your pave the way.
you could have a sensitve pave the way?? sorry.i know i couldn't help much.
I would try wearing a headdress you might have a condition that your body grill escapes through your head, it could be that your alergic to the smog or something within hte air here. I bet wearing a hat will assist.
I don't think that you could be allergic to bend, but perhaps a chemical that the curl stirs up. But I would say that it is the force of entwine that causes your headache. The force is too strong for your manager until it gives you a sort of motion sickness.
Don't verbs it is perfectly regular. It is not a disease. Some people do gain headaches from exposure to interweave. I would suggest seeing a doctor. Also talk to the doctor give or take a few your pain admin. Taking painkillers everyday is not healthy.

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