Random Shaking?

I have be randomly shaking for in the order of 2 months now. It looks approaching a violent cold chill, but I am not cold when it happen. It has be getting worse, about 2-3 times an hour.

Any design as to what it is?
You need to see a doctor immediately. It could be focal seizures.
You should see your doctor and enjoy it checked out.
Could be some kind of muscle spasm contained by your diaphragm (that's what causes the shivering we associate near being cold). Could be a vitamin or mineral lesser amount (maybe not enough calcium or iron) or something else.

A few years ago I be tobogganing down a hill and fell past its sell-by date and hit my side on a large rock. Every since, every once contained by a while (especially if I am tired or stressed) I go into alike kind of shivering as if I be very cold. The merely cure was a particularly hot shower until it passed.
The brain controls how the body moves by sending out small electrical signals through the nerves to ..."remind your body to stay awake." Fever seizures are the most adjectives cause of a single fit, especially in children. Parkinson's Disease may be a couse too ...
Nina! Haven't you be to the doctor yet?
sounds close to epilepsy. petite mal seizures type.

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