Why Rabies Injections are taken around the belly button?

Why Rabies Injections are taken around the belly button? and why so many rabies injection shots are needed?

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Once upon a time, long ago, rabies injections used to be given intra-peritoneally (inside the abdominal cavity). They don't do that any more.

Now, if you are bitten by a rabid or suspected rabid animal, you get an injection of gamma globulin around the nouns of the bite, and then a series of injections within your arm, like a flu shot. There is a programme that you have to hang to, and it's 5 shots over a period of 30 days.

Nobody who have followed this protocol has contracted rabies, so it works.

I hold recorded a podcast in the order of rabies, but that one doesn't get released until subsequent Thursday.

Check this link consequently, and you'll get a brief overview of rabies. Fascinating disease.
I'm guessing it have something to do with that rabies make you foam at the mouth, meaning it irritates the stomach. thus rabies shot are taken right to the source that first react to rabies.
thats my guess

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