What is an ECU ligament dislocation?

One of the muscles of the forearm, extensor carpi ulnaris (ECU), can dislocate from its groove on the dorsal surface of the distal ulna (i.e., from the sixth dorsal tunnel). Dislocation of the ECU tendon occur when the tendon is stressed surrounded by supination movements (clockwise turning) of the wrist and slides out of its tunnel.

ECU dislocation usually results from an athletic trauma with a lawfully well-defined mechanism of hyper-supination combined beside ulnar deviation and wrist flexion. The injury mechanism cause the fibrous tunnel to tear and the muscle slides out of its groove on the ulna.

Initially, you will experience wrist pain on the ulnar side (little finger side) of the common. The injury is often treated as a wrist sprain and not until weeks or months next does the tendon switch on to dislocate from its groove. Often, patients describe a sensation of clicking or popping as the wrist is actively twisted into extension and supination.

Usually, your doctor will be able to detect an ECU dislocation by performing a physical nouns. In most cases, passive gamut of motion will not dislocate the tendon, so helpful extension and supination by the patient is required.

Conservative supervision of the acute wrtist sprain is always a sage decision since abundant conditions involving the wrist will not be evident until after the initial soothing phases are past. If salutary of the fibrous tunnel fails to take place with conservative organization, you may need surgery.

Only through proper running of the initial acute injury would there be any accidental of avoiding the eventual instability of the tendon contained by its groove on the distal ulna.

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