4TH dimension (time): what else?

The universe that we live in have only three spatial dimensions. We are predetermined to length, width, and distance from the ground, and we can only travel along three plumb paths. This page attempts to explain the properties of a hypothetical universe beside a spatial fourth dimension. While people collectively call time the 4th dimension surrounded by the universe we live in, time will be the 5th dimension contained by my hypothetical universe.

Many fascinating possibilities exist when a spatial fourth dimension is present. Several types of wheel are possible, very complex machines can be built, and masses more shapes are possible. Objects can pass by respectively other more easily, but they are harder to break into multiple pieces. Energy reduce much faster with distance than within the 3rd dimension, so both light and nouns are weaker. Much more things can be compacted into a small space, but its much easier to get lost. In this page, I will explore these and lots other interesting properties of the fourth dimension.
I think the 4th dimension is best defined as the place where on earth space and time meet. Or you could count subspace as a 4th dimension if you so choose. Black holes probably, where space and time do come across. Wormholes (as yet undiscovered). Dark issue, who knows what they heck i.e.. I hate quantum physics.
according to what my lecturer in physcis told me and what I enjoy read, there are theories that suggest that within are as many as 13 dimensions that exist. Try penetrating books that are authored by ZEMANSKY..

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