A soution is categorized 5% w/v the drug infusion rate is 100mg/min what is the infusion rate contained by ml/hour?


A 5% w/v solution is by definition 5g in 100 mls.

So the concentration is 5/100= 0.05 g/ml

100mg/min = 0.1 g/min

So the infusion rate surrounded by ml/min is:
0.05 g/ml

= 2 ml/min

And since there are 60 minutes per hour this is:

= 2 x 60 ml/hr
=120 ml/hr
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The answer is:
5% = 50 mg/cc
2 cc= 100 mg
2 cc x 60 min = 120 cc/hr.
if solution is labeled 5%w/v which means its have 5gm/100ml of the drug
i.e.1gm/20ml therefore 1gm=20ml.1
if the infusion rate is 100mg/min than
for hour it will be (100mg/min) *60,i.e.6000mg/hour
which/means 6gm/hour as 1gm=20ml from statement no.1
than 6gm =120ml
hence the infusion for 1hour will be 120ml.

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