A drug is infused at a rate of 800 mcgs/min using a solution 0.5g/l. what is the infusion rate within ml/min?


a drug is infused at the rate of 800mcgs/min,
if we multiply both denomenetor and numerator of 800mcgs/min by 10,than it turns to 8000mcgs/10min.
which is same as 8mg/10min.1
further multiplying numerator and denominator of statement no.1
by 1000 it comes to
8000mg/10000min which is same as 8gm/10000min on dividing 8gm/10000min=1gm/1250min.
.5gm/litre solution is used
multiplying both by 10 which comes to 5gm/10litres or 5gm/10000ml on divinding it comes to 1gm/2000ml
comparing statement number A and B
we come across
I hated these equations within nursing school but what giving of medical personnel would you be if you couldn't figure this stuff out on your own. Would you want you to whip care of you knowing that you cheated your agency through school? I judge not!
a drug ? what sort of doctor are you!!
800mcg/min *(1g/10^6mcg)*(1liter/0.5g)*(1.

If the units quash to leave ml/min after that is the answer.
I get 1.6ml/min too, but by another method.
800microg/min = 48g/hr which would be contained within 96l of fluid.
Divide 96 by 60 minutes = 1.6ml/min.
1.6 ml/min-ssrvj

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