A Research say that solely 5% of brain power is used by human anyone, How to increase or utilies the brain powe

If you concentrate well ample on something, and i do not mean looking at it concentratingly or thinking roughly it,.. i mean concentrating adjectives your brain power you can increase it to higher percentage,.. in a minute the question is why you cant do it,,. because we are humans,.. we own distractions to our brain we have to own pleasure,..

The circuit of thought has a karma to to die down because of mixing with other circuits of pleasure,

.. it would be possible to use your brain to greater percentage when you are only and one and only using your brain for processing info,.. No Pleasure,..No Emotions,..
meditation n proper breathing
give up ur citizenship against a mexican one..
the more you work mentaly the increase the amount of usage of brain
truly there is no process for some reason we cant use more afterwards 10% i thought it was not 5%..
This is a drastically difficult question to address. Your brain is functioning at so heaps levels at any given time that to access exactly what parts and how much is man used is not feasible. In tally, many of the cell of the brain are for protective purposes and not related to function of the nervous system. This is why some relatives claim that the brain uses only a fraction of its mass when surrounded by fact the parts not one used are not designed to be used.

I haven't answered your question, but I do not expect anyone can really.
Bollocks. Each part of the brain is used. This have been shown near technologies resembling PET and fMRI. Take a look at what happens when somebody have a stroke. You are as smart as you will ever be. There is no way to increast your brain power.
thro lateral&critical thinking.
Become an autistic savant, and later just do anything comes naturally. I'm not sure how secure it is, but I think one passageway to become an autistic savant is to have a traumatic person in charge injury. I saw a good show on the Science Channel where on earth a guy learned to speak Icelandic within a week 'cause he had a tremor when he was a kid. Also he sit there and calculated pi to similar to a million digits or something. Anyway it took him 6 hours to say it. So that's what I right to be heard.
scientific research proves that if we start doing things within a different way consequently we can enhance our brain power to some extent. We perform no. of things as per our routine short paying any special attention to them , so paying attention will abet us in enhancing our brain power. for example - If you are a right hand person after start using your left appendage for few things like drinking or holding something. practising writing with not here hand increases your brain power manyfold.
Just increase its use quantitatively.Means when you be child you learnt alphabets next two alphabetic words and so on.Now you don't read each word by reading the alphabet you in recent times read 60-70% words.So just increase that,instead of reading 1 word at a time try reading 2 words at a time and afterwards 3.This is just an aspect of it.Tell me contained by what terms you want it use your brain,so that I can aid you out.I'll give you some sources but i haven't visit them.Thanks.
Always do your job/work/stroll/sit to the fullest.
do crossword and logic puzzles. Read instead of watching TV. Have meaningful discussions near other people.
Better ventilate well lighted room !
Better nutrition !
Better sleep !
And lastly.dont forget to see all the serials and movies and programmes that are appearing within our Television channels and stir on.. and go on.worrying roughly speaking them.
All the best !

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