20 examples of medical equipments?

with photos and info please

Photos I can't have power over. Let's see what I can do about address list 20 examples of medical equipment.

Stethescope: Object used to listen to bodily sounds

Sphygmomanometer: Used to measure blood pressure

Reflex Hammer: Used to trigger reflex, by hitting the tendon or muscle surrounded by the right place

Tongue Blade: Wooden (usually birch) implement used to hold the tongue out of the way when examining the fund of the throat

Thermometer: Measures body temperature

Otoscope: The point used to look in the ears

Ophthalmoscope: the article used to examine the retina

Colonoscope: The thing inserted contained by the anus and colon to examine the colon

Endoscope: The gadget that goes down the throat to allow nouns of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum

Penlight: What is used to illuminate the back of the throat to examine it

Anoscope: A short interpretation of the colonoscope; used to examine the anus and proximal rectum

Nasal Speculum: A tool used to assist in looking up a muzzle

Hemostat: A gadget used to clamp blood vessels, and for other things, during surgery

Forceps: Doctor-word for overglorified tweezers

Scalpel: A adjectives instrument; basically, an overglorified blade

Bovie: also called electrocautery; it uses voltage to superheat tissue, either producing a small burn (to stop bleeding contained by the operating room) or cutting tissue (as an alternative to the scalpel).

Needle: An instrument used next to thread to close wounds

Needle holder: An object, slightly approaching pliers in appearance, specifically used to hold needles when stitching

Retractor: A metal gizmo used by assistants in surgery to hold the wound undo

Self-Retaining Retractor: One that can be set to hold the wound open adjectives by itself

EKG: Electrocardiogram; measures the electrical activity of the heart

EEG: Electroencephalogram; measures the electrical field of the brain

MRI: Magnetic resonance imaging unit; uses radiofrequency animation and incredibly intense (0.3 to 3 Tesla) magnetic field to image soft tissue

CT Scanner: Uses computer program (2D Fast Fourier Analysis, using Tukey & Fisher's rapid factoring algorithm) to convert measurements of the absorbtion of X-Rays from multiple angles into an image of the tissues

Sonogram: Uses high-ranking frequency sound to create an figure of tissue

X-Ray Machine: Used to produce X-Rays to create analogue images of bone on motion picture

X-Ray Markers: Usually lead or aluminum parcels used to mark the right or disappeared side; placed on the cassettes beforehand the film is taken

X-Ray Casettes: the gadget that hold the film; their inner surface is covered beside material that floresces when exposed to X-Rays, making the figurine much clearer

Exam Tables: The table you sit on to be examined, of course

Coulter Counters: One electronic system for doing complete blood counts

Flame Spectrophotometer: the gadget repeatedly used to measure unshakable electrolytes in the blood, most prominently potassium and sodium

Syringe: the thing attached to a hypodermic, that drives medication through the needle into the nouns targeted

I've lost count. Probably not twenty, but I'm getting tired of typing.

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